Start Your Perfect Food Blog in 2022

Do you have a passion for food? Have you ever thought about sharing your passion for food whether it be recipes, food photography, or sharing ideas? Then now is the perfect time to start a food blog.
This simple guide will show you how easy it is to create a website.

So, what’s your passion?

Are you passionate about cooking and need to showcase your creativity? Do you want to share your finest recipes with others? It’s the perfect place to begin. The thing is you must follow your passion and, in this era, where there are numerous opportunities, you must start working on your passion. If you have a passion for food, nothing can stop you; you can start your blog.

I have also had a great passion for food, so I created my food-motivated blog where I showcased my travels, shared my recipes, and tried to associate with people from all over the globe via my food passion. I have also made some side income by writing articles on my blog irregularly without adding a lot of energy. You can also do so and more. Keep reading if you need to get more info about creating a personal Food Blog

Let’s dive into it!

Reasoning Behind the Popularity of Food “Style” Blogs

As I have stated previously, I started my blog to exhibit the foods I have had during my tours. However, I have to stay at home, similar to everybody during the Covid-19 pandemic. Thus, I was forced to cook more at home and imitate the foods I adored during my travels.
This led to a lot of food experimentations. Some were good and some were bad. People can relate to your success and failures in the kitchen. The blog gives you a chance to be more engaging with your viewers. You can share the pain and struggles in your success which can be easily relatable.
I had great experiences, sometimes good, sometimes bad; however, on the whole, it was good practice. I have uploaded and communicated every recipe to people from all around the globe.
I have discovered that my blog is an excellent platform for retaining my beloved recipes, advertising the places I want to visit, and generating lists and new schedules for my upcoming voyages.
Some Widespread Online Food Websites
There are numerous online food blogs from where you can get an idea. According to Google, there are more than 227 million websites at this time that are continuously growing.
I choose to seek certain things while creating my blogs, like how ordered they are, what type of content they are uploading, or the ideas and recipes they may reveal. Thereby, I get an idea of how I want to display my content.

Here is a list of some popular food websites to give you some ideas to create your own personal blog.

• Recipe’s
• Vegetarians Blogs
• Diet Blogs
• Travel Blogs
• Reviews on food or experiences (restaurant)

You can also check the most popular food blogs and their daily ranking here:

As you have an impression about how many blogs are there. You can check them, find a special one, take it as a model and shape your blog accordingly. Among the beautiful things regarding blogs is that you can modify them whenever you want, and you have complete artistic regulation over them.

Making Potential Money from a Food Blog

Food blogs can be profitable. There are a lot of people making money (monetizing) off their websites. Whether it be from Google Ads, selling products or services, they are all making money from what they enjoy.

Since Food Blogging is very competitive, you can search for specific niches within your idea. For example, Food is the general topic, but being such a broad subject, look into what types of food, even further that specific type of food.

That was one example, but you can play with this or look at other websites that have only one topic.
Why NOW is even a better time to start a blog
Every time is the perfect time to initiate your first blog. However, these days, I can spare more time, write about my happenings, and get a swift response. I have also gotten much input from YouTube and Instagram, where I have connected my webpage and communicated more info and instructions to my followers to check my blog.
It’s really a pleasure to exhibit your creativity if you are enthusiastic about food-associated things.

Now, are you ready to begin?

Creating the Perfect Blog in 7 Simple Steps

1. Choosing a Website Name or Domain Name
2. Choosing Hosting
3. Installing WordPress
4. Minor tweaks to WordPress
5. The perfect food-inspired theme.
6. Adding some food blog plugins

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